Friday, March 2, 2012

Painting, painting, painting....

Hello one and all,

So after some painting, I have some pictures to show you :) I have painted a full unit of Halberdiers and 9 Invictors as the gun for one of the grunts didn't come :(

I have used two different techniques, to figure out how I want to paint the army. As mentioned here: painting my RoS

For the Halberdiers, I used the method that Spikey James said he used on the White Scars in C:SM. Undercoat with Skull White spray can, and then use some black lining, then touch up the white pieces after painting the rest of the model.

For the Invictors, I have tried out my new airbrush. Spray the whole thing with GW Bleached Bone, and then try a zenithal approach with P3 Morrow White, then touch up the white pieces after painting the rest of the model.

To be honest, I wasn't wow'ed by the Invictors, but I trust that is because I am an airbrush newb, rather than any deficiency with the airbrush. There are a multitude of controls to make it happen, besides just actual control. But I'll not give up on it yet, but perhaps it will be better as a vehicle painting tool, rather than the small soldiers. Time will tell.



I also used this product as discussed by Ron of From The Warp fame, as discussed here: lining white and Secret Weapon Soft Body Wash. The reason why this product is so good, imo, is because the wash is grey. Lining white with black is very harsh and looks a little unnatural to me. The grey looks much more like shadow. And of course you can always use more of it to get a near black effect if you so wish.


In summary, I am pretty happy with my new dudes. The photography hasn't done them true justice, but that is okay :D

The next batch will either be full Rifleman, or Battle-Mages and the three sets of UAs I have.

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