Friday, March 2, 2012

What colours and paints did I use?

I thought to post what paints I used for painting the Invictors and Halberdiers. This makes it easier for anyone hoping to ape my work, and to help me remember and not forget, lol.

Undercoat - GW Skull White or Chaos Black spray.

Invictor basecoat - GW Bleached Bone.

White touch ups - P3 Morrow White which is much whiter and nicer than Skull White, tbh.

Black lining - Secret Weapon's Soft Body Wash Black.

Green areas, such as Halberdier trousers, etc - GW Gretchin Green foundation, washed with GW Asurman Blue wash.

Grey areas, such as the under-armour suit - GW Codex Grey, washed with GW Badab Black wash.

Grey Metal areas - I did two methods, but this is the one I'm telling you about :P
GW Chainmail metallic, washed with GW Badab Black wash.

Green Metal areas - GW Chainmail metallic, washed with 1:1 GW Asurman Blue and Thraka Green washes.

Glowing bits - GW Bilious Green and Vallejo Model Colour Sky Blue. This was an odd mix, as the GW paint is far richer, so I had to use much more Vallejo to change the colour. Strange but true. I just kept messing around with it until it happened, and used my brother to be my spotter, lol. Thanks bro! :D

Flesh.... hmmm, still not happy with how I went.
Basically, 1:1 P3 Khador Flesh mixed with GW Bleached Bone, washed with GW Ogryn Flesh wash, then add some P3 Morrow White to the first mix. I'm still not sure how much white to add XD. Maybe just a drop....

Bases - GW Chaos Black, then GW Scorched Brown drybrushed [drybrushing from here on]. Less GW Bestial Brown and then less GW Snakebite Leather and then even less GW Bubonic Brown and even even less GW Bleached Bone.
The rim is then covered with GW Graveyard Earth via normal painting [not drybrushing].

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