Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ravyn. 15 pts. Halberds and Manticore.

Ravyn +6
Manticore - 8
2 Arcanists - 2
MH Assassin - 2
Halberdiers, full + UA - 9

So the Halberdiers are the fulcrum for the list. They would either catch a charge, with their defensive buffs, or ideally, be doing the charging, and probably popping the mini-feat, especially if a good target can be lined up.

Meanwhile, the Manticore is busy pewpewing away, with its decent gun and Snipe from Ravyn. The Manticore, Halberds and Assassin are all fairly nasty in combat, and so should be able to deal with anything coming their way.

Without any shooting in the list besides the Manticore, I have a mind to pop Fire Storm [Ravyn's feat] early, to get some nasty shooting from the Manticore.

Focus cost:
2 ~ Snipe for a 16" gun, 
2 ~ For all three shots from the Manticore's 3 ROF gun
1 ~ For an initial damage bonus

RAT 5 is pretty humble, needing 7s to hit a DEF 12 target [such as another Myrmidon]. Whilst 7s is 58% likely, getting another dice to hit from the feat makes hitting pretty likely.
The gun is POW 12, so nothing ridiculously powerful. But nice enough to hurt all but Heavies. Being able to whittle away the foe before the battle proper has started can only be a good thing.

I think the shooting strategy of 40K, which is shoot things you can kill ASAP such a Rhinos rather than hoping to kill something beastly such as a Land Raider, will be the way to go.  No real sense in hoping to scratch that Khador Heavy [Khador, pronounced Kay•dor, are notorious for the toughness of their 'jacks] and achieving nothing, than bagging something a little more humble such as the Iron Fang Pikemen.
Death by a thousand cuts, but death nevertheless.

By whittling the foe down, that will make mobbing that Heavy easier without pesky infantry getting in the way, and so the Halberdiers will be able to topple it, with charging, brutal charge and team effort. Or at least cutting down on the retaliation charge, assuming that the Halberd do end the Heavy.

Or even better, due to less baddies clogging the table, an attack run to the enemy Caster makes itself easier. Forget going after the Heavy, and just cut the head off instead. The Assassin is highly capable in this, with SPD 7 and a 4" reach, whilst Ravyn can use Locomotion to move the Manticore 3" and load it up with 3 focus, one for charging 3" and two for more attacks or extra accuracy as appropriate. That means the Manticore can cover  3 + 6 + 3 = 12" to assault or 3 + 6 from moving an 12 from the gun, for 21"

Between those two, I figure I have enough to end most Casters.

What I like about this list, without the MHSF, is that Stealth lists are not some horrendous thing to deal with, as the list is primarily a choppy list, and not a shooty one.

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