Saturday, December 3, 2011

List building. Early days.

So, soon enough I will be gaming as a newb into the world of WM. I was speaking to one of the guys on the PP forums, Skorznex, and he said "In the grand scheme of things its your models, your game. Play what you want and have fun doing it." and even though I want to be a solid gamer, I think that for a good while I shouldn't put too much thought into being a pro-gamer and listfu master.

With that in mind, I still like coming up with some lists and thinking about how they interact.

Ravyn, combined with full Mage Hunters & UA, is something RoS is infamous for. Likewise, though Vyros, Kaelyssa and Garryth are seen as behind Ravyn and Rahn in terms of powa! levels, due to the games I will be playing being a more modest 15 pts, I think I can still mess around with these 'lesser' Casters and get to know them and find out why, with personal experience, they are seen as 'lesser' Casters by the forums.

I had learnt another thing, just through chatting with Skorznex. Arcanists are but 1 point each, making them even better than I had realised, and being a great way of lessening the focus burden on our Casters. w00t!

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