Friday, November 25, 2011

Forum think tank. Part 4.

Hybrids - a little choppy and a little shooty.

Dawnguard Invictors.
Whilst not as well loved as the Sentinels, these Dawnguard are decent enough in combat, when combined with a 'jack, as they have flank: Myrmidon, giving them a to hit and a damage buff. If a Myrmidon with reach is employed, so much the better. Their shooting is solid and whilst it won't be taking out Heavies, it can cause problems for Lights and anything else. The UA give them a mini-feat extra range buff, making it hard for the opponent to not have his forces whittled down somewhat. Their shooting is strong enough that they make the Missile Specialists somewhat redundant giving the extra toughness and combat ability that Invictors bring.

Mage Hunter Strike Force.
You know this unit is good [maybe a little too good?] when they get complained about AND some RoS players think they are a bit too cheap. I'm not sure that is true, as there are OP [over powered] things laced throughout most factions lists, so make of that what you will. The MHSF are not that choppy, but due to their abilities and emphasis on movement and assassination, I consider them a hybrid unit, even if they are more shooty than choppy. MHSF aren't especially deadly until you bring the UA along. Besides having a reasonable turn of speed, a decent range and strength of shot, it is the enemy buffs that the MHSF ignores that makes them so feared.

House Shyeel Battle Mages.
This is a somewhat peculiar unit, without great range or combat ability.... But the Mittens are quite good. They have the ability to move around the enemies units when shooting or hitting, and have magic weapons, meaning that when the enemy puts X in your way to defend Y, the HSBM can affect an opening for another part of your army to hunt down Y. A useful ability in a game of manoeuvre ;)

House Shyeel Magister.
Much like the unit, the Magister Solo has similar quirky abilities, but with an extra buff. Whip Snap is a short ranged spell that allows a nearby unit to advance 3" on a successful hit. This could be used to get your unit out of harms way, block an attack run of your opponents, open an attack run of your own, or get a unit within range of a target.

House Shyeel Artificer.
Unfortunately for this Solo, the bang for buck that it offers over the Magister is poor, and it seems fairly unpopular online. People try to use it, but it seems rather niche and not very powerful.

Dawnguard Destors and Dawnguard Destor Thane.
These cavalry are not that well regarded, and this is a shame, as I think the minis are sweet. Their abilities all round are quite good, and the movement is nice, but they are not quite enough in a bang for buck sense, to get people to use them. When you add in their high dollars cost, it is little wonder that they see little table time. Boo!
I am thinking of using them in that Secondary Jack role. So many experiments to try!

Our hybrid units are a mixed bag, but with the Mage Hunters providing some serious head taking ability, and perhaps what RoS is most infamous for, we have not been short changed, even if some units are a little like deadwood than something worth taking. The Invictors are solid, as are two of the House Shyeel selections. But remember, flexibility has been priced at a premium by PP, and so it is up to the player to make sure he isn't stuck with an overpriced unit but rather an all star.

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