Thursday, November 24, 2011

Forum think tank. Part 3.

Missile Specialists.

Stormfall Archers.
Hahaa! Going all John Rambo on the enemies of Ios with grenade loaded arrows? Oh yeah baby!
With long range available, to extra powa! and then with onfire as the last of three modes of shooting, this unit offers powerful shooting, and with the needed ability to move and shoot. The Stormfall Archers would be our most highly spoken of missile specialists.

Houseguard Rifleman.
Whilst not a terrible unit, and can work well with Halberdiers, they are a little underwhelming. WM isn't really a shooty game, and whilst shooting does have its part to play, close combat will happen sooner rather than later. As Rifleman are not ridiculously ranged or especially killy, they don't bring enough oomph for the points paid for them.

Ghost Sniper.
This Solo isn't bringing enough heat for the points paid for it, much like the Riflemen. It does have the neat ability of loading 3 damage points onto a target, regardless of Armour. But when you consider the few times the Sniper will fire, it's benefits really are niche thing.

Heavy Rifle Team.
This unit makes the Sniper and Riflemen look good, unfortunately. The biggest problem is that it cannot move and shoot, and given that its gun is not outrageously ranged, the Team will be gobbled up quite easily.

As you can see, RoS are not blessed with any great shooting units. However, this is a common thing with WM, and PP seems to want movement involved to keep the game dynamic. So RoS isn't worse at shooting than any faction and is in fact better than most :P

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