Thursday, November 24, 2011

Forum think tank. Part 1.

Hello visitors,

I have finished Year 12, at the age of 30 :D and so can now begin to paint my RoS minis with my fancy new airbrush, and get some games in. Sounds good to me ;)

I thought to do something fairly easy, which is to compile the general consensus on units and Myrmidons from over on the RoS forum on the PP boards. Whilst there is always the danger of forumitis, the dudes seem to get a good amount of games in and participate in tournaments often enough to not be talking from a small pond, so to speak.

Now things seem a little more complex or intriguing in terms of how to get the best out of a thing in WarmaHordes, which is great, but as someone who has not played yet, don't expect anything world changing in this post. It is primarily to compile thoughts for greenhorns like myself and of course, is imo.


Light Myrmidons - Chimera, Gorgon, Griffon and Aspis.

This quartet are not that well thought of. They are not generally seen as terrible, per se, but seem to lack that secret ingredient to make them well thought of, let alone compulsory. Where they can work is in filling out a list, due to being cheaper than a Heavy, and so seem to get game time that way. When 'jack marshal'ed [this is when someone, though not the Caster, runs them and will be to a lesser effect than if the Caster did] by the Sentinels, they can become a useful missile. The Sentinels perk drive: pronto gives the 'jack an extra full move, which is very helpful in WM.

Heavy Myrmidons.
The loved - Discordia, the Phoenix and the Manticore.
These are all staples in the diet of list-fu. All three are quite killy and/or have some very useful buffs.

The also ran - the Hydra.
This 'jack just doesn't quite have the abilities that the others bring, or at least not offering bang for buck.
I will be trying to jack marshal it as a Secondary Jack, and perhaps boosting it with the Arcanist [a mechanic, if you will] but don't build your list around one.

The to be judged - the Vyre Myrmidons.
These guys look decent enough, although perhaps the Sphinx is a little underwhelming. Due to the minis not yet being released, guys haven't played with them, and proxying isn't really embraced in WM.

Skarath & Dahlia.
These guys intrigue me, though I am not sure why, lol. They are a Heavy Beast and warlock-lite combination [A Warlock is the Hordes equivalent to a Warcaster in WM]. These are not on par with 'the loved' but, like the Hydra or the Lights, could be an interesting Secondary Jack. I will be giving this a try in the future.

Generally speaking, our Myrmidons are a hybrid of shooting and chopping, which has its own strengths and flaws in flexibility and cost. It is up to us to make sure we are getting the best out of them, whereas the user of a specialist has less weighing up to do.

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