Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why Retribution?

Why Retribution?

Well, I have never been a big Elves fan, so it wasn't that. In fact, I do somewhat like that they are not the classic 'we are perfect' aspect that PP has given them.

I guess it was a few things:
1) The Myrmidons look like the Invid from the '80s cartoon Robotech/Battletech. They just look slick. Given that Craftworld Eldar are the most handsome range in 40K, and no I don't play Eldar, and that RoS has that sophisticated and sleek look, it was just a winner in my eyes.

2) The gleaming white. White and black are simple colours, yet they look delicious when done well. When you see those sleek Myrmidons in their glowing white armour, you just get this sense of handsome from the miniatures.

3) The aqua glow. The RoS range looks high tech, but in that organic sense that Elves and Eldar have. The power intrinsic to them isn't belching smoke and huffing steam. It is far more advanced than what those primitive humans are up to.

I just think they look really good :D

I like that they don't play like a blunt instrument either. No raaaargh! smash rushes at the foe. A clever application of firepower and mêlée, through movement, combined with some magical push-pulling, and you have an army that appears to be more tactical. In my opinion at least ;)

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