Thursday, September 8, 2011

Have blog ~ may post....

Greetings traveller,

My name is Marshal Wilhelm and this is my blog about the Retribution of Scyrah faction in Warmachine Machine. As life has a habit of getting in my way, this will not be a constantly updated blog. I intend to write up some of my gleanings about enjoying the hobby with the Elves of Ios, from painting, to modelling and to gaming.

I have decided to branch out from Games Workshop and 40K. I am not wishing evil upon GW, but am somewhat wearied by how the go about things, and after hearing so many good things about PP from fellow gamers, some who have left GW or, as I will, still dabble in it, I decided to take the plunge and try out Warmachine.

I hope it will be helpful, in whatever form that may take, to you.

Marshal Wilhelm.


  1. Hah! First comment and first follower! Do I win a cookie? And any chance you could make the colors clash a bit less?

  2. Tadaa!
    Well, maybe you'll have to take some cookies from a round ear that you have ended? :P

    What colours are you talking about specifically?